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S.A. Anisimov

NPO "Elevar"

Within the cycle of an innovation project - from an idea up to the finished product - engineering is one of the most important stages, which defines what result one will get in the end. One can be in possession of results of a perfect scientific research work, but this does not mean at all that the final product shall have high consumption rates.
Unskillfully performed engineering works, poor project management of setting-up a production may lead to a complete failure. One hears quite often that about one-third of discoveries and revolutionary ideas are related to this or that extent to the Russian scientific school. Of course, it's quite complicated to make an exact calculation and come to a definite figure, but one can say that there are a lot. On the other hand, one can't say the same about implementation of these ideas in Russia. And one of the biggest problems here is the one related to engineering and project management. In the leading countries that have been developing in market economy, this system has been well elaborated, since competition of the market requires building-up effective enterprises which would be able to produce goods with high consumption rates, i. e. having competitive advantage.
Economic conditions under which the Soviet industry developed, didn't offer a big incentive for improvement of products manufactured by local enterprises, and thus for development of a system for building new production facilities. No doubt, there were good sides to the Soviet practice of planning and implementation of projects, but the system as a whole was not effective.
Market requirements resulted in a demand for new companies that would possess modern methods of engineering, project management and performing the whole range of works for setting-up modern enterprises.
One of such companies, which specializes in biotechnology, is NPO "ELEVAR".
NPO "ELEVAR" is a Russian engineering company that possesses its own production facilities. Its main field of activity is realization of various projects for setting-up new or modernization of existing enterprises in biotechnological and food industry. The structure of "ELEVAR" comprises Design and Planning department; Procurement and Logistics department; Machine-Building Works which specializes in manufacturing of vessels; Mechanical and Electrical Installation departments; department of Automation of process technology and Software development; Service department. Also the structure of the company includes Project Management department and Biotechnology and Pharmacy Directorate which is involved in work with High-End Scientific Technologies. The company is equipped with and uses state-of-the-art equipment and technologies, many of which are unique. During 10 years of work the company has accumulated a big and successful experience, has created comprehensive and up-to-date databases for design and planning of various projects. All the above, as well as precise organization of works and highly-qualified personnel, allow "ELEVAR" to be a successful competitor to the leading local and foreign companies and to have a good reputation and strong position on the market. The list of our customers and partners is made up of both the key Russian enterprises and world leading companies.
NPO "ELEVAR" has three subsidiary companies. The full structure of "ELEVAR" holding is given in the table below.

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