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Proceedings of First Russian Workshop on Biological Security

Moscow, October 23, 2003

Committee of Scientists for Global Security and Arms Control

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This publication Reports the Results of the research project implemented by a grant from the Ploughshares Fund (San Francisco, USA). Contents of the reports are the sole responsibility of the authors who write them in their personal capacity, and the views expressed in this document do not necessarily reflect the position of the Russian officials.

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Current Problems of Biological Safety
A.A. Vorobyev

Some Priorities of Molecular Biology and Genetics Development in the Field of Biosecurity
I.P. Ashmarin

Research Priorities and Future Research Programs
L.S. Sandakhchiev, R.A. Martyniuk, S.V. Netesov

The Problems of Biological Safety in Russia
V.I. Evstigneev

Sources and Main Threats for National Biological Safety
G.Y. Scherbakov

About the Role of BW Prohibition and WMD Non-Proliferation Convention
O.B. Ignat'ev

Intellectual Property in Biomedical R&D as a Factor Activating International Cooperation and Exchange in the Biological Safety
K.K. Pokrovsky

Physical and Biological Safety in Centers Working with Pathogens
N.A. Staritsyn, E.A. Tjurin, N.P. Stegantsev, T.A. Djakova, L.I. Marinin, V.J. Volkov

National Normative-Legal Base, Providing the Implementation of the International Commitments of Russian Federation for Export Control of Biological Profile Produce of Dual-Use
L.M. Korotkin

Environmental Specific and Non-Specific Indication of Microorganisms
E.N. Chramov

Anti-Epidemic Measures at the Liquidation of Biological Terrorist Attack Consequences
N. N. Golovchenko, L.M. Korotkin

Computer Model the Act of Biological Terrorism
B.V. Boev

Urgent and Specific Prophylaxis in the System of Defense Against Pathogens
S.Yu. Pchelintsev

Problems of Smallpox Specific Chemiprophylaxis
V.N. Pautov

Specific Properties of Immunoglobulins and Application of Anthrax
г-Globulin in Emergency Prevention of Disease

V.G. Popov, G.Ya. Scherbakov, L.I. Marinin, N.A. Staritsyn, A.V. Stepanov

Tuberculosis as a Global Problem of Biological Securuty
V.Ya. Gerger

Biotechnology and Business in Russian Federation
A.G. Moshkin

Problems of Biological Remediation for Territories
A.D. Ukraintsev, A.N. Sinitsyn, T.K. Krasheninnikova

Engineering and Projects Management of Setting-Up Modern Biotech Enterprises
S.A. Anisimov